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​Video guides for second grade:

Combined duration: 6 hours14 minutes

  1. Creating a syllabus and gathering materials

  2. Rhythms

  3. Four temperaments and social integration

  4. Building a circle

  5. Form Drawing and Painting

  6. Recall and storytelling

  7. Language arts I

  8. Language arts II

  9. Language arts III

  10. Class play

  11. Math - umbrella story and place value

  12. Math - Block II

  13. Math - Block III

  14. Classroom management

  15. Festivals, field trips, and service projects

  16. Parent work

  17. Review

You will have access to all content of this series for 

three months after purchase. Also included is free access to the following resources: 

  • Written syllabus

  • Block rotation

  • Sample day

Once your purchase on the video series has gone through, please email me at for access to these supporting materials.


Recommended literature

for the second grade:


  • The Kingdom of Childhood by Rudolf Steiner

  • The Study of the Human Being by Rudolf Steiner

  • Practical Advice to Teachers by Rudolf Steiner

  • Balance in Teaching by Rudolf Steiner

  • The Essentials of Education by Rudolf Steiner

  • Stories of the Saints by Siegwart Knijpenga

  • The Giant at the Ford by Ursula Synge

  • Journey Through Time in Verse and Rhyme by Heather Thomas

  • Festivals, Family and Food by Diana Carey and Judy Large

  • The Waldorf Book of Poetry, edited by David Kennedy

  • Sing Through the Day, compiled and edited by the Society of Brothers

  • Sing Through the Seasons, compiled and edited by the Society of Brothers

  • Tales From the African Dreamtime, retold by Magdalene Sacranie

  • The Best of African Folklore by Phyllis Savory

  • Children’s picture books of Native American stories by Paul Goble (The Girl Who Loved Horses and Her Seven Brothers are two examples.)

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