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Meet Monica

Monica Marshall is a longtime educator in Waldorf Schools as well as in teacher education. Her teaching career to date spans 42 years.

Monica was introduced to Waldorf education in 1979 after returning from a few years of living on an Israeli kibbutz. Initially working in the kibbutz dairy, she then spent six months as a kindergarten assistant, the start of her life-long passion for working with children.

Monica took a non-traditional path to becoming a Waldorf teacher, choosing to apprentice at a school while teaching and attending courses at both local and national training centers. Monica has been a class teacher in two Waldorf schools, completed her Waldorf teacher training and received public school credentials as well as an MEd from Antioch Graduate School. Over the course of her career, Monica has taught various specialty subjects and served on many school committees.


Monica’s experience in teacher education includes teaching the curriculum courses in the Waldorf program at Antioch Graduate School for 13 years and leading summer courses at the Rudolf Steiner College for 20 consecutive years. Along the way she spent two summers working with the Inkanezi Initiative in South Africa, leading classes and preparing the first class teachers to begin their work.

For the last three years of her full-time working career, Monica was a class teacher in a setting focused on outdoor education and community service. That experience allowed her to reflect on the ways Waldorf methods could be used in non-traditional settings, meeting the developmental needs of students while connecting them more fully with nature and their communities.

Having been part of a vibrant summer training program in Sacramento, CA Monica recognized how valuable it is for both young and experienced teachers to receive and incorporate ideas from a number of different instructors. She consistently heard how enlivening and empowering it was to realize there are many ways to create a creative syllabus, while still offering the academics needed in each grade. 


Nowadays it is typical for Waldorf teachers to attend summer trainings taught by one teacher only. The Traveling Classroom grew out of a desire to offer a more varied approach and add diverse voices and ideas during teacher courses.


It is Monica’s hope that the materials offered here will generate questions and reflections to complement traditional grade intensives and inspire a broader look at the possibilities available when creating a grade-specific syllabus.


The materials offered by "Teaching Through The Ages" can also serve as a great resource for homeschooling parents, teachers at public schools and any nature-based learning programs.

“When educating the minds of our youth,

we must not forget to educate their hearts.”

Dalai Lama

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