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​Video guides for fifth grade:

Combined duration: 9 hours, 18 minutes

  1. Introduction

  2. Creating a Syllabus

  3. Gathering Materials

  4. Rhythms of Fifth Grade

  5. Learning Styles

  6. Classroom Management

  7. Discipline and Remedial Work

  8. Specials

  9. Building a Circle

  10. Recall and Storytelling

  11. Language Arts I

  12. Language Arts II

  13. Language Arts III

  14. Math I

  15. Math II

  16. Math III

  17. Ancient Civilizations I

  18. Ancient Civilizations II

  19. Greek Myths

  20. Greek History

  21. Botany I

  22. Botany II

  23. Geography I

  24. Geography II

  25. Class Play

  26. Field Trips, Service Projects and Festivals

  27. Parent Communication I

  28. Parent Communication II

  29. Record Keeping

  30. Review & Goodbye

You will have access to all content of this series for 

three months after purchase. Also included is free access to the following resources: 

  • Syllabus

  • Sample Day

  • Block Rotation

  • Botany - Main Lesson Example

  • Ancient Civilizations - Main Lesson Example

  • Language Arts Goals

  • Math Goals

Once your purchase on the video series has gone through, please email me at for access to these supporting materials.

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